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  • 150 MB storage space
  • 1.0 GB file transfer
  • Cpanel management
  • 2 Domains
  • 5 E-Mail Addresses
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Gold Business
  • 250 MB storage space
  • 1.0 GB file transfer
  • Cpanel management
  • 5 Domains
  • 10 E-Mail Addresses
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  • 350 MB storage space
  • 1.5 GB file transfer
  • Cpanel management
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Company Information

DJSitePro was founded by the Global Entertainers Guild, LLC to assist DJs with developing a more professional presence on the web at affordable pricing.

As a part of the Global Entertainers Guild Network of companies, DJSitePro offers the DJ a chace to have advanced hosting solutions at affordable pricing. Our goals is to assist every DJ in having a solid presence on the internet while not investing all their time and money in maintaining a website. Our integration of blogs & social tools makes this the ultimate hosting service.

Our Values
Uncompromised quality. Our systems are built on Tier 1 platforms, not spare PCs from surplus. Your site will never be down for hours let alone days as some DJ hosting providers have done. We back up our servers hourly. We are readiliy available & reachable by all means of communication..
Customer Service
At DJSitePro as in all GEG companies service is job one. When you call, you are the most important person in the organization at that moment.
Award Winning
As a DJ hosting solution, We have been recognized by several organizations as providing high quality hosting for DJs at affordable pricing.
Global Reach
Our Network sits in our own Data Center located directly on a major backbone of the Internet. This gives us blazing speed, incredible connection up time. & because of that Backbone we can host sites for DJs located around the world.
We are availailable to solve your problems or concerns when you need us. Our support system notifies us in minutes of a reported concern allowing us lighting fast response times.
Our Commitment
Uncompromised quality. Unsurpassed relaibility. Our servers have maintained a better than 99.99% uptime for over 5 years. Now that's reliability! As a site owned by the worlds largest trade association for DJs. We have built a reputation for quality, reliability & rapid response customer service. You can count on us to make you look good! You have our word on it.
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